Sunday, June 30, 2013

♡ Salmon and Veggie Cakes ♡

I have a lovely Paleo recipe for you! A little twist on a classic salmon cake. 

1 can of salmon
1 egg
about 3/4 cup shredded carrot, squash, and sweet potato (this was precooked)
fresh basil (or dried)

To me this doesn't even need salt! 

Mix everything together in a bowl and cook in a pan or on a griddle with some coconut or olive oil.
I like to use spicy mustard on these! 

Here is what I had with my cakes:
Sweet potato,
stir fried carrots and pineapple and sauce. This was a very nice dinner! :D 

Thanks for reading,
happy paleo! 

Friday, June 28, 2013

♡ Gut Healing Entry 2- What I'm ACTUALLY Eating ♡

Some more foods I've been enjoying on my gut healing journey. (Click here for Entry 1 )

Lets start with some breakfast! :) 
The other morning I made a lovely mug cake! Oh and get this, it's totally Paleo! I used this recipe from pinterest but I used half sweet potato and half banana, and used sunflower seed butter in place of nut butter.
The other morning I made a frittata with zucchini, squash and fresh basil. Very yummy! 

 And just this morning I made eggs with shredded carrot, sweet potato, and squash. With some grapes on the side.

I've also been making my lovely fruit puree's in the morning some days. The last one I made was wonderful! It was pear, apple, cherry, and plum. I cooked everything down and blended it till applesauce consistency.

 As you can see I've been having lots of fish and green beans! I've also been eating LOTS of sweet potatoes but loving them! I'm still having my soup as well.

Some changes from my original 'diet' plan have been (very few) raw bananas, pineapple and grapes. But other than that I think I've stayed with it all :) 

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

♡ Rainwater Botanicls Nourishing Facial Cream With Carrot & Pumpkin Review ♡

I wanted to talk a little about this lovely face cream from Rainwater Botanicals! I have tried everything i have tried from then, and this is no different! 

 This is a totally natural moisturizer. 
I wasn't crazy about this at first because I found it a little waxy. But now that i use it more I like the texture much more! It's a thick cream that blends in very well. I use this in the morning after my RB Troubled Skin Serum (which I adore!) and it's enough moisture without being too heavy. That might not be the case for everyone, I like A LOT of moisture, morning and night! 
Overall I think it's a great cream! It smells like rose, pumpkin, and carrot. A very strong scent, but it doesn't bother me. :)

Would I Recommend? 

Heck yes! 

To Who?
Anyone who had dry skin or just likes a moisturizer that isn't on the light side.

Buy again?
I might, yes. 

Rainwater Botanicals Nourishing Facial Cream with Carrot & Pumpkin

Monday, June 24, 2013

♡ Farmers Market Trip- Lots of Skincare! ♡

Hey everyone. This past weekend Mom and I went to a Farmers Market. There were lots of skincare booths so of course I had to take some pictures!

 The first skincare booth I was taken with was A Southern Lady Skin Care! She had some samples of some soap so I got 3! I really like them so far.
I didn't get a picture of it but she has this amazing cream with strawberry that smells wonerful! Her soaps smell great! Her website

 Then there was Sweet Earth Soy. The owner uses her own herbs in her products and everything smells amazing! I can't wait to try her lip balm, I'm planning on getting the chai lipbalm that has a mauvey pink color to it. Seriously how adorable are her soaps?! They are such a unique shape! (on her facebook it says she has shampoo and conditioner bars as well.
She has HUGE samples for anyone who wants it. This soap has aloe, green tea and cucumber! I haven't used it yet but it smells so luxurious! Her website.

 Then we just got some basic plums and pears. These are my favorite kind of pears! They are so juicey and sweet!
So that was all for this trip! I LOVED seeing the skincare booths and I'm gonna try not to go too crazy when I actually remember to bring my money :P

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Aleia's Gluten Free Cookies- Best GF Cookies

Hey everyone! I wanted to share my favorite gluten free cookie with you!  This is the Aleia's gluten free chocolate chip cookies. These are AMAZING! I'm not normally one for crunchy cookies but I love these. They taste like chips ahoy. I found these at food lion but I'm not sure where else you can get them.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

♡ Gut Healing Foods ♡

Hey everyone, I wanted to share what I've been eating lately that is easy on my gut and some very healing foods! (To see what I'm eating and not eating click here ) 

 I really love salmon cakes! They are cheap and sooo good! This day I had them with squash and roasted beats.
 Yeah... more squash. Zucchini this time! My dad cooked it on the grill. (Yes that's my vitamins on the side) (Squash and zucchini are very easy to digest.)
 Smoothies! This one was loaded with yummy berries! I've been trying to get lots of antioxidants.
 For a sweet treat or a 1st breakfast I've been making fruit puree! Here's what I do! :)

Chop up a bunch of fresh fruit. This day I did blueberry, strawberry, apple, and pineapple.

 Then I cook it all down in a pan...

Then just put it in a blender! ( I used the vitamix)

 And that's it! Yummy fruit puree!  

 I also made one with apple, banana, and pineapple. I think I like this one best so far, but I've only done these two.

 So that's all for now, more coming soon! :)

Stay Healthy
XX -Taylor

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Healing My Gut- Entry 1

Hi everyone. As some of you know I am gluten intolerance. I have been gluten free for about 7 months. I was still wondering why I still am having problems, such as gallbladder pain, stomach pain, and acne. Yes, I think my acne is caused from my gut problems. 
I have been doing lots of research and realized my gut probably isn't healed from the gluten damage. Yes I eat lots of fruits and veggies but I eat a lot of raw things. And nuts. And those things can be hard on your digestive system, preventing your gut from healing properly. (This might now be true for everyone but I believe it for myself.) 
Yesterday I decided to go on a Gut Healing journey. Because I felt very bloated after eating the past few days and was having some gallbladder and stomach pain.
I'm gonna be eating very simple foods. I will lists all the floods I am allowing myself and a list I'm trying to avoid now. (there will be pictures of some foods I'm allowing myself).

NOTE- I don't do well with fiber at all! 
I have read that when healing your gut it's best to cook all produce (apart from smoothies and juices)
I don't think I'll be doing any greens for now but that might change, As I learn more things will probably change, I don't know everything about healing my gut so there is always more to learn.

Foods I WILL Have:
Bone broth soup, or chicken broth soup.
Fish- salmon, codd, ect.
Canned fish- salmon, tuna.
Cooked veggies- celery, carrots, squash, beets, sweet potatoes, green beans.
Cooked fruits- all fruits but limiting my intake
(maybe) Raw bananas (the only raw fruit I plan to eat because it's very creamy and easier to digest)
(maybe avocados)
(maybe seeds)
Smoothies and juices
herbal teas
unsweetened coconut milk
coconut sugar and possibly stevia 

Foods to avoid: 
any gluten (of course)
All meat but fish 
'sugar' (any normal sugar. White sugar, honey, or any added sugars as much as i can)
ALL nuts

 This is my chicken broth soup with celery, carrots, cumin, coriander, and bay leaves (all of those spices are good for healing your gut) This is probably going to be most of what I eat.
 Vegan Strawberry milkshake- 
I did use rice milk in this but I will be using unsweetened coconut milk for this journey. I'm allowing myself these and other smoothies and juices because they are much easier to digest than whole fruits. I have a feeling this will be a go to breakfast for me.
 And if I happen to be out somewhere I'm gonna try to find a low sugar green tea, 
And if I have to eat out, I'll probably get something like this. (that's berries, beats and tuna salad)


Saturday, June 15, 2013

Small Goals- Fitness, Health, Time (Part 1)

I was watching a lovely young woman on youtuber about how she's working on her year goals. And I realized I'm just doing okay with mine. I was going great on fitness when I did my 30 Yoga challenge but now I'm not doing much at all.
And this really helps keep me in check.

This is going to be a few days (probably a week) of how I'll be working on those goals.
The ones I'm gonna be working on in this post will by my fitness, how I manage my time, and my health (mainly meaning staying away from sugar and boxed foods.)

Fitness- I exercised about about 15 minutes while watching Youtube and walked around in stores some.
Health- I actually did have 1 and a half gluten free chocolate chip cookies today. And yesterday I had 2. It's showing up on my skin already. :P
Time- I spent a lot of time out in town with my mom, sister and cousin. Tonight I actually read more than I have been lately, which it good.

Fitness- It's been raining like crazy today but it finally stopped so  I actually got to take a walk! And I exercised some while watching youtube again.
Health- I made a wonderful Berry Vegan Milkshake that is filled with good things for me. I'll have a recipe on that coming. And today I only had half a cookie
Time-I cleaned around the house some. I read some and I made dinner for my family. I plan on watching a movie with everyone later if we can, though Dad won't like it. It's Sense and Sensibility.

Fitness- I took a walk but started feeling really bad so I came back in. It was probably from what I ate. I also exercised lightly while watching Downton Abbey, and I'm about to do some yoga before bed.
Health- The only 'bad' thing I had today was some pork at my Nanny's. I'll probably pay for that later. I also had some salad dressing that had cheese. And some baked beans.
Time- I was at my friend Jessica's most of the day :)

How my acne is today- 
More red, irritated and it's more painful. I have a patch on my jaw line/neck that keeps flaring up due to foods.  

Fitness- I walked and did some leg exercises. I also walked around in the store quite a bit and carried the basket.
Health- I did have a half of a gluten free chocolate chip cookie :( but I made some scones to help me not eat more cookies :)
Time- I sad with my sister Brittany and talked for a lil bit. I also went grocery shopping with her and my mom.

My Acne Today-
Sadly, the same as yesterday :( 

Fitness- I went for a walk this morning and jogged a little... but I was wearing flip flops so it killed me feet :P I did my normal tv show/youtube watching workouts. :)
Health- So far (at 1pm) I have had no cookies, no added sugar accept the little bit in some coconut milk... dang hidden sugar. I've eaten lots of fruits and veggies today! Strawberries, blueberries, spinach, onion, romaine, carrots,
Time- I've actually been sitting around since my jog cause my feet hurt so bad. I watched a movie with Brittany though so that was fun, and I'll be watching the Voice later :)

My acne today-
It's actually a teeny bit better today! Not as red or itchy!

Fitness- I went for a walk and did only very little exercise. Because I was gone most of the day.
Health- I did have a little potato salad and some ketchup, coconut milk, and some natural food snacks, which all have a little added sugar. I also had half a peppermint candy :P
Time- Like I said I was gone most of the day. But I got to see some family I don't see offen.

My acne today-
About the same. It seemed more red and itchy at times than others. For some reason my scarring looked a little worse today, so I'm not sure why that was.

Fitness- Once again about the same was yesterday, just a walk and some light exercise.
Health- I kind of overloaded with my snacks. I had a banana with almond butter and coconut and almond milk. I overate a little and had too many nuts today :P
Time- I actually did some research for a video and filmed, and edited it. It is my first video about gluten intolerance.

My acne today-
A little more itchy than yesterday but not very red.

Saturday: (Yes i missed friday)
Fitness- Playing some games outside
Health- Yesterday I decided that I need to go on a gut healing 'cleanse'. There will be more about that in a later post. I had some cole slaw today which actually did bother me.
Time- I was at a youth party most of the day.

My acne today-
BAD!! The patch on my jaw is..healing but not all the way and I have a new patch by my lip starting out the same way and it's so irritated and itchy. I'm thinking my acne is linked with my gut. Unhappy gut. Unhappy skin :( 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

♡ Vegan Berry Milkshake ♡

I know I just posted a smoothie recipe very similar to this but it taste pretty different. This is more of a milkshake. I got inspired to try this by Nikki Phillippi, she just did a video on her strawberry vegan milkshake. So I went off that but tweeked it a little. I plan on doing this a LOT! I used rice milk but you can use whatever kind you want. I just prefer the taste.

What I Used: ♡
4 frozen strawberries
about 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
half a frozen banana
1 cup of rice milk
a splash of coconut milk
a cap full of vanilla extract
1 tablespoon of coconut sugar
(optional) splash of orange juice.

I actually tried this again but I followed Nikki's recipe to a T so here's how it turned out!

What I Used-
About 5 or 6 frozen strawberries
a cup of rice milk
a little packet of stevia
a cap full of vanilla extract

I do actually like this way a little more! I think I was adding too much milk, which is easy to do so be careful! But these are amazing, you can do this with any kind of fruit really! :)

Nikki's video! :)

Stay Healthy,
XX -Taylor