Friday, July 3, 2015

Hipster With My Sister

Hello my dears! I hope you are all well! 
For the past week after work I've been going to Starbucks a lot to blog an work on videos (which I am doing right now), and most of the time my sister Brittany is with me so it's kind of become our thing, just hanging out in coffee shops. Lately it's been a really indie Urban Farmhouse Market, they have coffee and food and it's a really cool setting (plus it's right next to a library, which is perfect). 
They have these really good gluten free bagels and yummy iced blueberry tea, and if you follow my instagram I'm sure you saw it hahaha. The other day when we were there I went to the library and got a couple of summer love books you could call them. I wanted some easy reads, something I don't have to think to much about too much (although I'm currently listening to the Scorch Trials audio book, which I do have to think about haha). 

Lately from Starbucks I've been getting just a plain coffee frappuchino, which is actually amazing! I get it with soy milk so it's still sweet. But speaking of sweet I'm pretty sure I have like....3 cavities. :O But I can fix that with some coconut oil, of course. ;)

Sunday we hung out a bunch after we got off, we went to the  Urban Farmhouse Market, and book store, and target and I actually got 4 books but that's another post for another time haha. 

And right now we're at a really nice sit down cafe called Cafe Caturra. I'm drinking this amazing ginger full leaf tea that's probably the best ginger tea I've ever had. And a turkey guacamole sandwitch without the bread of course.

I feel like such a cool hispster-y person lately! But it's super chill and relaxing. I love just sitting here blogging! Plus my sister is pretty much my best friend so it's awesome spending time with her too.
The only bad thing about these people at coffee shops is they always seem to take all my money.. weird huh? ;)
I think that's gonna wrap it up for now!
I hope you all have a great weekend!! Bye for now!