Tuesday, July 29, 2014

♡ What's On My Nails- Zoya Colbie ♡

Last week I had Zoya's Colbie nail polish on. I love this rich red color. :)


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

LOTD- Simply Winged Liner

This winged liner look is one I've been doing a lot lately (mostly in the car on the way to work, cause I'm not driving hehe). I'm using lots of new products from my hauls lately so here they are in action.
 Here is what I used:
Face- Andalou Brightening BB Cream.
Oh Sudz concealer (under eye and redness. I did wash my hands after applying this to blemishes though).
Eyes- TANF Oily Lid Primer.
Physicians Formula Sexy Booster pencil and felt tip liners. I used the pencil to line my waterline and tightline, but only the outer half since I have small eyes.
Eyelash curler. 
I don't normally use mascara but when I do I sneak my moms Pacifica mascara.
Lips- Mongo Kiss Vanilla Honey lip balm. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

♡ Whole Foods Haul! ♡

I know I've been doing a lot of hauls lately, but I'm leaving Sunday to stay at Micah and his family's home for the week so I needed things for the trip. :)
Here's what I got at Whole Foods.

 Of course I had to get some Buchi. ;)
 I got 2 packs of the Vega protein smoothie mixes (only one shown). I got the chocolate and the tropical ones. I haven't tried them yet but I'll let you know how they taste.
 I saw these Mongo Kiss lip balms and they looked so cute so I smelled the vanilla honey and it seriously smells like a vanilla latte or something (no coffee scent, just warm vanilla goodness) and sense it was $2 I went ahead and got it. It already works amazingly.
 Sorry this one is a little blurry. I got some blades for my razor. Gotta have them smooth legs. ;)
 I needed shampoo so I got the Andalou citrus shampoo. It smells like a fresh orange!
 I wanted a little something for my face to wear for Micah's sister's wedding next weekend but didn't want a heavy foundation so I got the Andalou (if you can't tell I love me some Andalou Naturals) Brightening BB Cream.

 Here is it on my skin. It evens out my face really well and I love it so far.
 Then on the way home I stopped by a local shop that carries The Naked Bee and got one of my favorite natural scents! Orange Blossom Honey lotion! It's amazing, just trust me on this! I also got some local natural lemongrass soap.

 I promise I'm gonna get my spending in control, although I still have a few things to pick up before leaving for Micah's so there may or may not be another haul coming haha. :P

Stay Natural,

Thursday, July 17, 2014

♡ Lots of Empties! ♡

Hey everyone! I've been collecting up my empties for a few months now, so there's a good amount to show.
Sample of Nourish Organics Face Lotion- I got this sample from Whole Foods and LOVED it! I actually picked up 2 and I'm still working on the second one. This one sample lasted me over 3 weeks! It feels amazing on the skin, so soft and silky, and a little goes a very long way! It soaks in well and smells like roses (but not the fake kind of scent), I will probably end up getting the full size. It's great!
Andalou Naturals Apricot Cleansing Milk- This is a great cool weather cleanser, it's non-foaming and cleans well without drying at all. It's not enough for me in the summer time but that's alright. It smells like straight up apricots (which I love). It didn't make my skin irritated or red at all. I would buy this again.
Rainwater Botanials Repair Serum- This was a re purchase for me. This is a great rich serum for scarring,acne, dry skin, ect. It smells very strongly but that's from all of the good oils in it. I didn't find that it helped with acne much but it was great for winter. I may or may not get this agian. I like the antioxidant serum much more.
Rainwater Botanicals Troubled Skin Serum- This is a light serum for acne. It helped my skin slightly but what I loved about this was the consistency of it. It's very silky and almost a gel. It soaks in and is good for summer. I would get this again
 Hair & Body:
Acure Lemongrass Shampoo- This was good for the fist half, but like the other Acure shampoos I've tried it kind of stopped washing my hair well after that. The smell was very fresh but I don't think I'll get this again
Acre Lemongrass Lotion- This however, I would get again! This was my second bottle and I loved every bit of it. It smells like a fresh spring morning and soaks in and leaves your skin soft as can be.
Deep Steep Grapefruit Body Wash- This was a nice body wash that cleansed well and moisturized my skin a little at the same time. It was pretty thin but I would get this again. As you can see I love citrus scents. ;)
 Everyone Hand Sanitizer (peppermint & citrus)- This was a nice natural hand sanitizer and I've already repurchased this in a different scent.
Toms toothpaste- This was okay but had fluoride in it so I will not be getting the full size and it kind of burned my mouth.
Vita Care toothpaste- This however I loved! It's pretty natural and the taste is amazing! Plus a little goes a long way.
The Naked Bee Orange Blossom Honey Lip Balm- This, I gotta admit, is probably the best lip balm I have used! I got this at a local shop. And this scent is one of my favorites. It leaves my lips so soft and smooth! And it's organic!
Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips eyeliner- This was a great roll up liner! I've already re purchased this in a separate set (the "sexy booster" set haha). The only bad thing is these are only sold in sets of three. It smudges a little but lasts well on the upper lash line.
 Better Homes Spicy Sugared Cinnamon wax cubes- I loved this sweet scent! I would get this again! 
Coconut oil- This stuff is pretty much amazing for everything. I've already bought more of this.
 Simply Balanced Dark Chocolate Mixed Berry- These were so yummy and the perfect sweet treat. Great with nuts/raisins. 
Peppermint tea- I love mint tea and have already gotten more.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

♡ Piggy Paint Natural Nail Polish Haul ♡

I'm honestly so excited to do this post! I've recently really been into nail polish again, and since I trashed all my non natural polishes guess who had to stock back up? (It's this girl)
So along with the Mineral Fusion polish I got from Whole Foods I also ordered from Piggy Paint! Adorable name right? Piggy Paint claims to be "natural as mud" and they are VERY low odor. At first they kind of smelled like sweettarts to me but only slightly haha. You can say goodbye to that horrible scent and coughing that comes with using non natural polishes, when I use this I barely smell it at all! :D

Piggy Paint Ingredients Water, acrylates copolymers, melia azadirachta (neem oil).  May contain: mica, red 34 lake, ultramarines, titanium dioxide, iron oxide pigments.
  • Wash hands with soap and water.
  • Apply 2 -3 thin coats of Piggy Paint.
  • Air dry 60 seconds.
  • Blow dry polished nails for 1 minute with hair dryer set on warm heat/low blower setting

 Here are the colors I got- Peace Of Cake, Sea- Quin, and Mint To Be

Peace Of Cake is a gorgeous BRIGHT neon peachy pink. My nails are still a little wet in the swatches for this and sea quin, I just wante d to show the color on my nail.
 Sea- Quin is a bright sea blue color. These are all creme finishes by the way.
 Mint to be is a creme mint color. (first picture in natural light, second in bathroom light.)
 I'm not sure if you can tell but these polishes can apply slightly streaky so you have to work with them a little bit. For the first 2 colors I have 2 coats on, for the mint I used 3 since it was kind of streaky. 
They recommend using a hair dryer to dry your nails but I was painting mine in a bit of hurry the other day so I just let them dry on the way to work. I already had some chips but one day later but keep in mine I DID do them in a hurry and don't have a natural base or top coat yet so I'm sure that would help a lot. I'll keep you update on how they wear when I do get those though.

Leave me a comment with your favorite natural nail polish brand and color. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

♡ Summer Haul- Clothes, Makeup, ect. ♡

I've been doing a little too much shopping lately, so here's some stuff I got. ;)

 High low dress from Kohls. I loove this dress. It'll be what I wear for Micah's sister's wedding next weekend! :)
 (also from Kohls) this is the perfect lace date dress for me. It fits perfectly!
 Love this cute tank top from Target.

 Both of these were on sale from Rue 21 for $5 each! :O
 My mom got this Calendula salve from the Vitamin Shoppe because I actually got a little bit of dermatitis on the sides of my mouth from a reaction using the Giovanni shampoo and it got on the corners of my mouth and irritated it. This helped wonderfully and the dermatitis is pretty much gone.
From Whole Foods I got the Mineral Fusion nail polish remover and the Fossil nail polish but I don't really like it so I'm gonna see if I can return it. 
Then from Walmart I got the Physicians Formula Sexy Booster eyeliner trio. They are all black and it comes with a felt tip liquid, a kohl, and roll up pencil liner (that is the order they are swatched), and I love them so far. They actually smell like vanilla! I guess I know what the scent of sexy is now. ;P

Saturday, July 12, 2014

What's On My Nails #1- Mineral Fusion

Lately I've really been into painting my nails so I picked this up at Whole Foods and it's Mineral Fusions Fossil. I'll also have a natural nail polish haul coming probably this weekend or next week.

I did two coats. It takes longer to dry than the Zoya polish and I honestly don't really like this color on my nails haha.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

♡ Brightwork At Kingsfest!! ♡

Hello again dearies! It's almost been 2 weeks but I wanted to get the vlog for this up the same time as this post but I've actually tried to upload the vlog 6 times. It keeps stopping in the middle of the upload and just staying there! I've tried re editing it a few times and it still won't go. I'll try to have it up as soon as I can though.
In the meantime here are some pictures I took when I went to Kingsfest to see Micah play with his band Brightwork! It was actually a pretty big deal. Toby Mac was there, Thousand Foot Krutch and other well known bands. Needless to say I was feeling very proud. :')
 I saw this and wanted to jump in the back and steal all the produce I could haha.
 Stopped by Target to get me some spf :)

 We got a little lost and had to call Dad to save us, he knows pretty much every road in Virginia haha.

 The stage!
 There's my Micah slappin dat bass ;)

 Until I can get that vlog uploaded here's there three newest songs that will be coming out on their new cd just next month!

Rescue Remedy- here

Write This Down- here
Difference- here