Friday, February 20, 2015

Bears Beauty Review

Hello readers, I'm bringing you another Etsy review today from the Bears Beauty skincare brand! I love their homemade natural feel to their shop and I was really excited to try this stuff, I have some new favorites from this batch of products as well! 

Feeling Fruity body butter- I love this stuff! It's smooth and softening and the smell is so amazing! It reminds me of a smoothie or summertime. This is great for my dry hands and elbows. It's rich without being to thick to rub in and I really enjoy that about it. I plan on buying this again very soon!
Luxurious face butter- It feels very silky to blend it and moisturizes really well. I also love the yellow color. Great for a skin treat! Since this has sea buckthorn it's great for nourishing and brightening scarring.
Daily detox scrub- A nice gentle scrub to without being over drying. It doesn't leave my skin all tight and dry. It gets dry skin off without sucking all the moisture out of my skin.
Toothpaste- A clay based toothpaste, I love the taste though! Better than I was expecting! It doesn't burn my mouth like the Earth Paste does. I'm normally not crazy about clay toothpastes but this is really nice. I got the tangerine mint and I love the flavor.
Hemp She Aloe- This is actually my least favorite. The texture of this is very thick, it can be a little hard to rub in. I like something that's a little more creamy like the body butter. I wasn't crazy about it but I know people who love it, just didn't work for me. But my favorites from this make up for it for sure. 

Overall I am very happy with the products! Favorites are the face butter and body butter, they are amazing and smell so good! Be sure to check out Bears Beauty on Etsy or their home website

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More New Products!

Hello my dears, I wanted to tell you about some new products on my shop this week! 

Bath Melts-
These are great for a spa night or if you just want a little treat for your skin. You just put one of these in your bath water and it creates a moisturizing bath that soaks into your skin. To get even more moisture you can rub this on your skin as it melts (you can even use this in the shower if you're not a bath person).

Body Butter Sample-
I don't have my full size jars in yet but I have samples up for my body butter. It's creamy, and moisturizing but soaks in fast without leaving your skin a greasy mess. I used aloe for it's soothing properties and pumpkin seed oil and shea butter to nourish skin. I have a bunch of different scents as well.

Sale on Lip Balms-
I made so many lip balms I'm having a sale on them. Coffee and Vanilla Mint lip balms are on sale 2 for $5 right now, you can mix and match the two as well. They are great for this winter air. I personally use this lip balm everyday, probably a little too much. :P

I hope you check it out! I also have a 10% off coupon code emailed to anyone who orders! Enjoy!

Stay Healthy,


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tea Time Chit Chat! Best Tea Ever and Brand Update

Hello my dears, it's time for another tea time chit chat!
Just a little update and such.

Starting with my new Tea obsession- Teavana's Samurai Chai Tea! 
This stuff is amazing! It is so rich and spicey! I love it. I drink it with just some sugar in it, no milk. It doesn't have a very strong leafy taste, which is weird since it's a loose leaf tea. I had never been to Teavana before, and last weekend I went to the mall with Micah and the band guys and there was one there and I tried this tea outside and was blown away by it. Seriously the BEST tea I have ever had! I can't wait to try more.

New Supplies and Eco Makes Perfect update-
I've gotten some more oils lately for skincare making of course.
From Nature's Oil I got Pumpkin Seed Oil (which is very nourishing to the skin), Carrot Seed Oil (great for anti aging and scarring), and White Fir essential oil which I'm gonna be using for a mens cologne oil.
I got the pumpkin and carrot oils for a Brightening Serum I'm gonna be working on, not sure when that will be up because I have a loot more ingredients to get for that, but I'm so excited for that because I have so much scarring on my skin from my acne battles that take place on my face. :P And of course someone has to test it out first so I guess I'll take on for the team and try it out, oh darn. ;)

Are there any products that you would like to see me make for Eco Makes Perfect? I am in the process of working on soaps, bath melts, and body butters. And I can tell you the bath melts and butters will be out very soon. If you have any ideas at all please leave it in the comments on just message me on Etsy, or Twitter!

Etsy Shop  

Eco Makes Perfect Facebook

Friday, February 6, 2015

New Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum!

Hello my dear readers! So happy to do this post!
This is the announcement of the new Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum!!

Here is my summery of it-

This serum is great for dry, sensitive, or aging skin types. It can even help clear acne!
Rose and lavender oils work to sooth and calm irritated skin. Pumpkin oil nourishes skin, leaving a smooth, non greasy glow to the skin. Even if you have oily skin don't right this off just yet, using oils can balance your skins oil production
Lavender and rosemary essential oils are anti-bacterial making it great for acne skin.

I've personally been using this serum for weeks now and my skin loves it. It is so much more even, glowy, and CLEAR. I didn't think it could be done!

The sample size is $3 and the full size is $12! Be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Favorites 2015

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all doing well! I'm finally doing another favorites today! I have a lot to share with you all, lots of makeup, skincare, and more!

Starting with skincare:
Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum- This is one of my own products but trust me, I'd love this even if I didn't create it. It's a very light oil serum so it absorbs very quickly and I can use it during the day since it doesn't leave my skin oily at all. This very soothing to my skin, non irritating and anti inflammatory! Between this and the next product I have had very few break outs, and the ones I do get they heal so much faster before even surfacing! My skin has been more even and glowing! I can look back on older pictures or videos and really see a difference. Click here to purchase.

Eco Makes Perfect Nourish Cream- Seriously not trying to be self promoting I really I LOVE these products! I've been loving this face cream! It's not totally a cream, it is very gel like (I'm still experimenting with the formula so that could change) because of the aloe gel. At first it makes my face look very wet but then it soaks in shortly after and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Like I said these 2 things have been totally healing my skin, making it glowy, clear, and more even! Oh and I still use this during the day a lot too, it's not too much for my skin at all, it loves it.

Rainwater Botanicals Eye Serum- I've never been one into eye creams and such but I ordered a sample of this and I'm so glad I did! It has a very light scent and doesn't irritate my eyes at all, It's very softening! I wanted a little extra something or my eyes cause I am very rough on them in the mornings.. Which I really need to stop. :P

Acure Day Cream- I actually found this at Target! They have gotten a lot more natural stuff so that's really nice.It's very softening and light, plus it smells like orange (I love citrus scents!! So uplifting and lovely!) I use the Mychelle SPF and it is VERY white so I mix this with it and it works perfectly! I like to use this at night sometimes too. If you can't tell I switch my skincare a lot

Eye Shadows:
Brija Allure- (This is the one in the bag) This is a great all over color, very natural. It's a beige pink shimmer color.
Brija Lila- I didn't think I was gonna like this but I love it! It's a gray purple shimmer color, but not too gray, it's gorgeous!
Earth Mineral Cosmetics Amethyst- I can't get over how pretty this is! It is so vibrant and sparkley!
The All Natural Face- Mermaids Choice (turquios), Mermaids Tail (light greenish blue), Warm Honey (warm brown), Plum Honey (a gorgeous plum).
 (First row) Brija Allure, Brija Lila, Earth Mineral Cosmetics Amethyst,
(Second row) Mermaids Choice, Mermaids Tail, Warm Honey, Plum Honey.
Aren't these just gorgeous!!

Zuzu Luxe Mascara- This isn't revolutionary or anything but it is nice! It doesn't flake at all! It lasts all day and stays on but it easy to take off.

So there is all my favorites! Thank you all for reading!

Stay Healthy,