Monday, June 29, 2015

May/June Favorites!

Hello my dears! I hope you are all doing well. Have you done anything fun yet for summer? Let me know in the comments. Sorry this is kin of late but I hope you still enjoy it!

I feel like I haven't one a favorites post in months, and I guess it has been a while. 

It doesn't seam like I have much to show you but I'm really loving this stuff so they are quite special.

 Let's start off with hair since I just chopped all of my hair off basically. I'm loving my hair short though.
I've been using this moisture milk from Shea Moisture every time I wash my hair, right after I get out and dry my hair just a little I put this in (focusing it on the ends, but putting t everywhere but my roots of course,) and I wrap up my hair in a towel for a while so it can set.
It leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished. And let me tell you, the smell is amazing! It smells like a sweet icing or some kind of yummy treat! Even the friend who did my hair said my hair smelled good. And who doesn't want that?
 Of course I have to include some Pacifica in here. I've been loving this Lotus Garden scent! It's the perfect balance of floral and fruity (which are my two favorite kind of scents). Its also great for summer. I love their body butter, it's extremely moisturizing an soaks in as long as you don't apply too much.

Now some of you may remember that I'm not normally a face makeup wearer but I this Pacifica BB Cream has changed my mind, and my face. ;)
It's a light tint with a bit of a glow to it, which I love. It is also light enough where it doesn't feel like I have anything on my face at all, but it still evens my skintone and gives a little coverage. I've been mixing it with my SPF for my face and it works amazingly for me.
  Next are these two lovely nail polishes from Zoya. The first one is Bar, a gorgeous tan sparkly color. The second is Wednesday, a slightly muted turquoise. I love wearing these together, it makes me feel very chic and fancy (which I totally am....right? :P)
 Moving on to non- beauty favorites! 
Now I am a chocolate lover, like I could just eat it all day and be perfectly happy. I'm also a fancy chocolate lover, so these new chocolate bars from Lindt are amazing! This is the chocolate sundae one but before that I had the coffee one (don't remember the full name), and that was some of the best chocolate I've ever had! It was like a Starbucks rink in a chocolate bar! Best of both worlds huh?

I also have a couple of apps to tell you about.
The first is Overdrive, it's a library app that syncs with your local libraries an you can download e-books and audio books, and I haven't been able to read lately because of my eyes (see Life Update post for the whole story) so I've been listening to audio books.
I really enjoyed listening to Forever by Maggie Steafvater and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, I'm currently listening to Beautiful Creatures even though I've read it before. I'm a huge believer in re-reading. ;)
Second app is Health Mate- It tracks your steps, calories burned and all that, it's really cool cause I've been power walking with my Aunt.

There's all of my favorites this time, thank you all for reading! 
What have you been enjoying lately, books, beauty, shows, or anything! :D 

Pacifica Haul

Hello my dears!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far! 
This post is a little past due... Meaning I got this stuff like a month ago. Haha I still wanted to show you though. 

I had a coupon code for Pacifica and they were also having a perfume sale so of course I took advantage of it! Here's what I got-

For perfume I got Hawain Ruby Guava and Lotus Garden (which is probably my current favorite scent! It's the perfect mix of floral and fruity!). 
I also got the Mediterranean Fig roller ball perfume, and the California Jasmine solid perfume! 

I got two body butters, Hawain Guava and Lotus Garden! I love their body butters, they are so moisturizing without being greasy!

And then I got the Hawian Guava body wash! All of the things I got from that scent were in a set. :) 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Fun- Ice Cream Obsession ☀️

Hello my dears!!
I hope you are all having a great summer so far!! Do you have any fun plans? Let me know in the comments! 
Unfortunately I don't really have fun summer plans. I want to, and I'm kind of sulking in my room right now cause I'd really love to be having a fun weekend with my friends. It's actually really hard for me to get people to spend time with me.. Maybe it's me? I'm sure people get busy with their own lives though. Wow we're getting super personal tonight. 😜

Anyway since I haven't really been doing much let me tell you what I have been enjoying... Ice cream! It's funny because I've never been a huge ice cream lover or anything but lately it's been so hot! So I find myself having it pretty often now. 
Many of you may not know but I'm actually lactose intolerant so I've been LOVING cashew milk and they make ice cream out of it and it's amazing! The So Delicious brand has some that is snicker doodle flavored, and it's the bees knees! I also love Rice Dream or Almond Dream ice creams! So good! 
My favorite thing to do with ice cream is cut up a banana and put some nuts in it and sometimes some chocolate syrup! Yum! I want some now haha. 
If I could have any flavors lactose free it'd be coffee, mint chocolate chip, and butter pecan! 😎☀️ 

What's your favorite ice creams? And if you don't like ice cream what's your favorite summer treat? Let me know in the comments! 😊

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Life Update- I Need Glasses?!

Hello my dear readers, I wanted to have a little sit down chat with you.
I'm writing this sitting in Starbucks drinking some water and eating way more chocolate than I should be right now. I just got off of work and since it was a Saturday it was of course very busy! If you don't know I work at a movie theatre, and I love it. And as much as I wish I could just blog and youtube for a living I sadly cannot. :( 
At work I have been in the box office selling tickets most days and before Summer started when it was slow I would read....and by "read" I mean A LOT. I'm talking about 50-150 pages a day for hours at a time... And at first I was fine. But after a few weeks my eyes started aching really bad, they were also very sensitive to the light. I also had a head ache off and on. Of course once all of that crap started I stopped the reading. The achy eyes took about a week to go away, and after it did I waited a couple of days and then tried reading again for only about 10 minutes but that set it off again, my eyes started hurting yet again.. So I decided it was time to get my eyes checked, this was my first eye exam EVER! 
So the eye Dr. told me I have functional vision, meaning I can see and do everything fine but my eyes over focus and over work themselves.. So I need glasses to help relax my eyes, I'm really hoping that will take this eye strain away and I'll be able to finally read again! I miss it! 

Also... I cut my hair! A lot hahah...
 Surprise! hahaha. It was a total out of the blue decision but I love it! It feels a lot better and healthier. I haven't had it this short in a while but I'm really liking it. I can just wash it and go if I need to!

I've also started writing poetry again, and it feels really good to write again. Let me know if yall would like me to start up my writing blog again, I wasn't getting a lot of views on it so I just stopped, but I would love to start it up again if that is something you guys would read and enjoy. Let me know in the comments!

That's what's been up in my life... What have you been up to??? <3