Sunday, September 6, 2015

Living Every Moment ❤️

Hi everyone! I'm still alive!! I know it's been a couple of months, time passes so fast! Summer is pretty much over, how crazy is that! 
I wanna say that I haven't purposely neglected writing on here, you know how it gets, life happens! 
Nothing bad happened, I've just been living this summer to the fullest, with no regrets! And it's been great! I've reconnected with childhood friends, which has been amazing! Shout out to my girls!
I also just got back from the mountains this week! For those who don't know my boyfriend Micah and his family live up there! I always have so much fun there. I might have bought 8 books while I was there... :P But Micah got me really cute book ends that looks like an arrow for our four year anniversary! (It was August 27th!) So at least I have room for them! 
And speaking of books I'm actually trying to get a job at a book store! I'm still gonna be working at the movie theatre, I just have such a passion for books and honestly movie theatre pay isn't cutting it. But I could also do better at budgeting, if you have any money saving advice it is more than welcome in the comments! Plus I'm trying to save for a more reliable car than my moms old van, as much as I love it who knows how long it's gonna keep going! I'll probably just drive it till I can't anymore! As long as it gets me to work on time! 
So that's what's going on in my life right now! How was y'all's summer? Are you all excited for fall? It's my favorite season so you know I am!! ❤️🍂🍁
(Micah's gorgeous sister Hannah ^)

Friday, July 3, 2015

Hipster With My Sister

Hello my dears! I hope you are all well! 
For the past week after work I've been going to Starbucks a lot to blog an work on videos (which I am doing right now), and most of the time my sister Brittany is with me so it's kind of become our thing, just hanging out in coffee shops. Lately it's been a really indie Urban Farmhouse Market, they have coffee and food and it's a really cool setting (plus it's right next to a library, which is perfect). 
They have these really good gluten free bagels and yummy iced blueberry tea, and if you follow my instagram I'm sure you saw it hahaha. The other day when we were there I went to the library and got a couple of summer love books you could call them. I wanted some easy reads, something I don't have to think to much about too much (although I'm currently listening to the Scorch Trials audio book, which I do have to think about haha). 

Lately from Starbucks I've been getting just a plain coffee frappuchino, which is actually amazing! I get it with soy milk so it's still sweet. But speaking of sweet I'm pretty sure I have like....3 cavities. :O But I can fix that with some coconut oil, of course. ;)

Sunday we hung out a bunch after we got off, we went to the  Urban Farmhouse Market, and book store, and target and I actually got 4 books but that's another post for another time haha. 

And right now we're at a really nice sit down cafe called Cafe Caturra. I'm drinking this amazing ginger full leaf tea that's probably the best ginger tea I've ever had. And a turkey guacamole sandwitch without the bread of course.

I feel like such a cool hispster-y person lately! But it's super chill and relaxing. I love just sitting here blogging! Plus my sister is pretty much my best friend so it's awesome spending time with her too.
The only bad thing about these people at coffee shops is they always seem to take all my money.. weird huh? ;)
I think that's gonna wrap it up for now!
I hope you all have a great weekend!! Bye for now! 

Monday, June 29, 2015

May/June Favorites!

Hello my dears! I hope you are all doing well. Have you done anything fun yet for summer? Let me know in the comments. Sorry this is kin of late but I hope you still enjoy it!

I feel like I haven't one a favorites post in months, and I guess it has been a while. 

It doesn't seam like I have much to show you but I'm really loving this stuff so they are quite special.

 Let's start off with hair since I just chopped all of my hair off basically. I'm loving my hair short though.
I've been using this moisture milk from Shea Moisture every time I wash my hair, right after I get out and dry my hair just a little I put this in (focusing it on the ends, but putting t everywhere but my roots of course,) and I wrap up my hair in a towel for a while so it can set.
It leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished. And let me tell you, the smell is amazing! It smells like a sweet icing or some kind of yummy treat! Even the friend who did my hair said my hair smelled good. And who doesn't want that?
 Of course I have to include some Pacifica in here. I've been loving this Lotus Garden scent! It's the perfect balance of floral and fruity (which are my two favorite kind of scents). Its also great for summer. I love their body butter, it's extremely moisturizing an soaks in as long as you don't apply too much.

Now some of you may remember that I'm not normally a face makeup wearer but I this Pacifica BB Cream has changed my mind, and my face. ;)
It's a light tint with a bit of a glow to it, which I love. It is also light enough where it doesn't feel like I have anything on my face at all, but it still evens my skintone and gives a little coverage. I've been mixing it with my SPF for my face and it works amazingly for me.
  Next are these two lovely nail polishes from Zoya. The first one is Bar, a gorgeous tan sparkly color. The second is Wednesday, a slightly muted turquoise. I love wearing these together, it makes me feel very chic and fancy (which I totally am....right? :P)
 Moving on to non- beauty favorites! 
Now I am a chocolate lover, like I could just eat it all day and be perfectly happy. I'm also a fancy chocolate lover, so these new chocolate bars from Lindt are amazing! This is the chocolate sundae one but before that I had the coffee one (don't remember the full name), and that was some of the best chocolate I've ever had! It was like a Starbucks rink in a chocolate bar! Best of both worlds huh?

I also have a couple of apps to tell you about.
The first is Overdrive, it's a library app that syncs with your local libraries an you can download e-books and audio books, and I haven't been able to read lately because of my eyes (see Life Update post for the whole story) so I've been listening to audio books.
I really enjoyed listening to Forever by Maggie Steafvater and Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, I'm currently listening to Beautiful Creatures even though I've read it before. I'm a huge believer in re-reading. ;)
Second app is Health Mate- It tracks your steps, calories burned and all that, it's really cool cause I've been power walking with my Aunt.

There's all of my favorites this time, thank you all for reading! 
What have you been enjoying lately, books, beauty, shows, or anything! :D 

Pacifica Haul

Hello my dears!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day so far! 
This post is a little past due... Meaning I got this stuff like a month ago. Haha I still wanted to show you though. 

I had a coupon code for Pacifica and they were also having a perfume sale so of course I took advantage of it! Here's what I got-

For perfume I got Hawain Ruby Guava and Lotus Garden (which is probably my current favorite scent! It's the perfect mix of floral and fruity!). 
I also got the Mediterranean Fig roller ball perfume, and the California Jasmine solid perfume! 

I got two body butters, Hawain Guava and Lotus Garden! I love their body butters, they are so moisturizing without being greasy!

And then I got the Hawian Guava body wash! All of the things I got from that scent were in a set. :) 

Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Fun- Ice Cream Obsession ☀️

Hello my dears!!
I hope you are all having a great summer so far!! Do you have any fun plans? Let me know in the comments! 
Unfortunately I don't really have fun summer plans. I want to, and I'm kind of sulking in my room right now cause I'd really love to be having a fun weekend with my friends. It's actually really hard for me to get people to spend time with me.. Maybe it's me? I'm sure people get busy with their own lives though. Wow we're getting super personal tonight. 😜

Anyway since I haven't really been doing much let me tell you what I have been enjoying... Ice cream! It's funny because I've never been a huge ice cream lover or anything but lately it's been so hot! So I find myself having it pretty often now. 
Many of you may not know but I'm actually lactose intolerant so I've been LOVING cashew milk and they make ice cream out of it and it's amazing! The So Delicious brand has some that is snicker doodle flavored, and it's the bees knees! I also love Rice Dream or Almond Dream ice creams! So good! 
My favorite thing to do with ice cream is cut up a banana and put some nuts in it and sometimes some chocolate syrup! Yum! I want some now haha. 
If I could have any flavors lactose free it'd be coffee, mint chocolate chip, and butter pecan! 😎☀️ 

What's your favorite ice creams? And if you don't like ice cream what's your favorite summer treat? Let me know in the comments! 😊

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Life Update- I Need Glasses?!

Hello my dear readers, I wanted to have a little sit down chat with you.
I'm writing this sitting in Starbucks drinking some water and eating way more chocolate than I should be right now. I just got off of work and since it was a Saturday it was of course very busy! If you don't know I work at a movie theatre, and I love it. And as much as I wish I could just blog and youtube for a living I sadly cannot. :( 
At work I have been in the box office selling tickets most days and before Summer started when it was slow I would read....and by "read" I mean A LOT. I'm talking about 50-150 pages a day for hours at a time... And at first I was fine. But after a few weeks my eyes started aching really bad, they were also very sensitive to the light. I also had a head ache off and on. Of course once all of that crap started I stopped the reading. The achy eyes took about a week to go away, and after it did I waited a couple of days and then tried reading again for only about 10 minutes but that set it off again, my eyes started hurting yet again.. So I decided it was time to get my eyes checked, this was my first eye exam EVER! 
So the eye Dr. told me I have functional vision, meaning I can see and do everything fine but my eyes over focus and over work themselves.. So I need glasses to help relax my eyes, I'm really hoping that will take this eye strain away and I'll be able to finally read again! I miss it! 

Also... I cut my hair! A lot hahah...
 Surprise! hahaha. It was a total out of the blue decision but I love it! It feels a lot better and healthier. I haven't had it this short in a while but I'm really liking it. I can just wash it and go if I need to!

I've also started writing poetry again, and it feels really good to write again. Let me know if yall would like me to start up my writing blog again, I wasn't getting a lot of views on it so I just stopped, but I would love to start it up again if that is something you guys would read and enjoy. Let me know in the comments!

That's what's been up in my life... What have you been up to??? <3

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Summer Book Haul! ☀️

Hello my dear readers! I hope you are all doing well! I have a book haul to share with you today! 

From the Book Exchange here's what I got-
Before I Fall, and Requiem by Lauren Oliver- last of the Delerium series, more information about the story below. 

And I got Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi. I have read the whole Shatter Me series and fell in love with the writing. It's very discriptive and beautifully written. 

From my library I got Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. This is the second book for Demerium, in this story they believe love to be a disease that has to be cured. I find it very interesting actually. You'll find that futuristic and destopian books are my normally what I gravitate towards. 

And from Books A Million I got Perfect Ruin by Lauren Destefano! I love her writing so much! It's pretty dark and creepy but it's beautiful! I have read the chemical garden trilogy 2 times already and plan to read it again and again! It's one of those stories that grabs my interest right from the start. 
From Books A Million I also got this bookmark. I love this saying! 

And from Target I got a new book light!  And it appears I forgot to take a picture of it but it's not very exciting, it does the job. 

What books are you currently reading? I'm actually reading 5 books right now... I know it's a little ridiculous! I'm reading Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver, The Selection by Kierra Cass, The Heir by Kierra Cass, Four by Veronica Roth, and Fragments by Dan Wells. Four and The Selection are ones I like to just pick up when I don't wanna think about it ya know, they're easy reads. Plus The Selection is my favorite book series! 💗 

Sunday, May 17, 2015

☀️Summer Nails #2 ☀️

Hello my dears! I love doing my nails for summertime, here is my current nail look! 
Here I have on Pacifica Turqouise Tiara with a jamberry nail wrap (I'm not sure of the name, I got it at a festival booth as a free sample). I've been loving blues but I wish this was a true turquoise.. To me it's just blue! 😛 

Talk to you all soon! What is currently on your nails? Leave a comment or show me on Twitter! @taysnaturallife 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Current Skincare Routine (June 2015) ☀️

Hello readers! I hope you're all having a good day, do you have anything fun planned for the Summer? Let me know in the comments.
Today I'm going to share my skincare routine with you. As you know I love me some skincare, so here is what I'm currently using!

Andalou Naturals Apricot Probiotic Cleansing Milk- This is my Mom's but Ive had this myself before and she hardly uses it. This is a very light cleanser that is a creamy texture and great for sensitive skin. It smells fruity and is non-irritating. It's best for me in the cooler months so I only use it if I want a very light cleanse.
Pacifica Sea Foam- This is a great Summer cleanser! It smells like coconut. It removes face makeup well (keep in mine I don't use a lot of face makeup, normally just BB cream and concealer). It cleanses well without drying my skin out, which had been very hard for me to find.

Acure Brightening Scrub- I use this about 1 to 2 times a week so I don't over exfoliate my skin. Since I have right much acne scarring I like to have some brightening products. I feel like all together they have helped my scars. This is a nice scrub that isn't too harsh, the pieces are fine enough to do any damage to my skin.

Konjac Sponge-
This one is from Eco Tools. It's great for if you don't want to use a cleanser, you can just use this to wash your face and it still does the trick. It's actually very pleasant to use, it doesn't feel like a dish sponge or anything. Haha!

Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum- This is actually one of my own products! It smells like roses and has lots of good anti inflammatory and soothing properties. It's light enough for morning but you could totally add more at night for an extra boost.
Yellow House Soap Company- This too is a local product. I love the orange color of this, that's sea buckthorn oil which is great for brightening. This serum is lighter than the EMP Rose Serum, so it's perfect for summertime! 
Sibu Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil- This is just pure sea buckthorn seed oil which isn't as yellow as the sea buckthorn fruit oil but is still brightening, although this is a very small bottle so I don't use this one as much as the other 2. It's once again light but of course you can add more for drier skin.

(Yes, I do have a lot of moisturizers, I'm gonna be trying to minimize my routine after I use some things up.)

John Masters Organics Rose and Apricot Day Cream- I love the simplicity of this packaging. a plan brown glass bottle with a basic label. This smells light and lovely and is very light in texture as well. This is great for summer as well, being so light and readily absorbed. It goes fairly quick though.
Acure Day Cream- I do love acure and this product is no exception! The smell is kind of citrusy, which of course I love, being a fruit lover. :) It's light enough for summer but moisturizing enough to well...moisturize! I have a feeling I'll be getting this again when I run out.
Mychelle SPF- I'm actually not crazy about this on its own, BUT, I do mix it with either one of my moisturizers or my Pacifica BB Cream and it works just fine. A little goes a long, LONG way. If you use too much it is very white and chalky but I've found a way to work with it.

Almond or Coconut Oil- I use either one of these to remove eye makeup. Almond for light makeup, coconut for heavier, or which ever one is closest to me.
Shea Butter- I use this in the winter for dry skin but I also use this when I get a flare of dermatitis. I had a little on my chin right under my lip a few days ago and now it's almost gone thanks to this lovely butter.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

☀️ Summer Brand Obsession- Pacifica ☀️

Hello my dears! So sorry it's been so long! To make up for lost time I'm gonna share my current favorite natural brand... Pacifica! I love how natural their products are and they work amazingly and are some of the best smelling products I've ever used! 
Sea Foam Complete Face Wash- I'm always a little skeptical of foaming cleansers because of my sensitive skin, they always seam to be too harsh. But this is great! It cleanses throughly without drying my skin out, it feels very nice too, with a gel to foam formula. Plus it smells like coconut/beach goodness which is a huge plus! ☀️

Hawaiin Ruby Guava Body Butter-
This is a perfect summer scent! It is sweet and fruity! I love their body butters cause they are very moisturizing and are plenty fragrant without being overwhelming! 

Turqouise Tiara Nail Polish- As beautiful as this blue color is.. It's not turquoise to me. It's the exact same blue as the cleanser bottle, which is still gorgeous, just not what I thought it would be. It goes on well though! And is a very pretty minty blue! It is also 7 free!! 

Power Of Love Lipstick (Nudie Red)
For one can we just talk about how gorgeous this lipstick tube is! So cute!! I love the hearts on it! And guess what.. This also smells like coconut!! I'm a sucker for yummy smelling stuff! It's a medium pink that's great for all occasions. I wear it to work, hanging out with friends, wherever and it goes great with so many things. 

Lotus Garden Perfume-
I just got this with my nail polish so I haven't used it a lot yet but I love it so far! It's a great is of fruity and floral, which are my two favorite kind of scents! It's a great summer scent as well. And once again the packaging is adorable! 
Enlightened Palette-
I have had this thing for.... Well let's just say it's well loved! And I do love these shadows! They are the longest lasting natural eyeshadows I've used! That purple color on the end is my favorite! I use it to darken up pretty much any eye look I do if I want it a little more dramatic. 

There's all my current Pacifica favorites! I can't wait to find more from this wonderful brand! And I love that so much is sold at Target and Whole Foods! They also have a loyalty program on their website! 💁
Thank you all for reading! Love you guys!!! ❤️💗❤️

Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Haul- Tea & Beauty

Hello my dears! I have a haul for you I day! 

I got 2 teas, I got the Trader Joes ginger pear white tea. 
And from Teavana I got the Scarlet Jasmine green blend- way pricey but so good!!

I gt the green tea mints from Trader Joes, as well and a milk chocolate truffle bar (amazing!)
Then we went to Godiva chocolate, let me tell you that place is amazing! I ended up getting a bag of 6 chocolate truffles and they were amazing! They also have a really cool loyalty card!!
Okay I went a little nail polish crazy! But I was looking for the Zoya Pixie dust nail colors! I got 3 of them on clearance at ulta for $5 each! (Left to right: Ginni, Noir, Vespa, Bar, Wednesday). I was looking for Wednesday for a while! The perfect turquoise, my favorite color!! And these are great for spring! Be sure to each out for my spring nail series coming soon! 
Thanks for reading!! 

Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Favorites #1

Hello my dears! I have some Spring Favorites for you today!! 

Trader Joe's Ginger Pear White Tea- This is so yummy! its sweet and fruity and not too spicy!
Traditional Medicenals Chamomile Lavender Tea- This is a great nighttime tea, it's soothing and herbal.

The Good Hippie Love Butter- This is a thick body butter, great for hands and elbows, it smells really flirty and girly with notes of lavender, jasmine and ylang ylang.
Eco Makes Perfect Body Butter- Not quite as thick as the Good Hippie butter this is a rick moisturizer, I love using this on my legs after shaving! And yes I did happen to make this :)
The Naked Bee Hand and Body Lotion (Orange Blossom Honey)- This is one of my favorite natural scents, it's so sweet and fruity, great for spring. And it's very softening!
Pacifica Ruby Guava- This is a great summer scent, it smells like a piece of fresh fruit and I love it. It's slightly thicker than the Naked Bee lotion but still good for all over.
DKNY Be Delicious Perfume- I know this isn't natural but I don't normally use it on my skin so it's one of my few exceptions. It smells so girly and just like apples but in a perfume!

Zoya Wendy- A gorgeous springy pink color! 

I got this floral wallet from target, it has my two favorite colors in it, turquoise and peachy pink! And I got it on clearance for $4!

That's all for this favorites! Thanks so much for stopping by! <3

QUESTION: Do you have any spring plans?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Bears Beauty Review

Hello readers, I'm bringing you another Etsy review today from the Bears Beauty skincare brand! I love their homemade natural feel to their shop and I was really excited to try this stuff, I have some new favorites from this batch of products as well! 

Feeling Fruity body butter- I love this stuff! It's smooth and softening and the smell is so amazing! It reminds me of a smoothie or summertime. This is great for my dry hands and elbows. It's rich without being to thick to rub in and I really enjoy that about it. I plan on buying this again very soon!
Luxurious face butter- It feels very silky to blend it and moisturizes really well. I also love the yellow color. Great for a skin treat! Since this has sea buckthorn it's great for nourishing and brightening scarring.
Daily detox scrub- A nice gentle scrub to without being over drying. It doesn't leave my skin all tight and dry. It gets dry skin off without sucking all the moisture out of my skin.
Toothpaste- A clay based toothpaste, I love the taste though! Better than I was expecting! It doesn't burn my mouth like the Earth Paste does. I'm normally not crazy about clay toothpastes but this is really nice. I got the tangerine mint and I love the flavor.
Hemp She Aloe- This is actually my least favorite. The texture of this is very thick, it can be a little hard to rub in. I like something that's a little more creamy like the body butter. I wasn't crazy about it but I know people who love it, just didn't work for me. But my favorites from this make up for it for sure. 

Overall I am very happy with the products! Favorites are the face butter and body butter, they are amazing and smell so good! Be sure to check out Bears Beauty on Etsy or their home website

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More New Products!

Hello my dears, I wanted to tell you about some new products on my shop this week! 

Bath Melts-
These are great for a spa night or if you just want a little treat for your skin. You just put one of these in your bath water and it creates a moisturizing bath that soaks into your skin. To get even more moisture you can rub this on your skin as it melts (you can even use this in the shower if you're not a bath person).

Body Butter Sample-
I don't have my full size jars in yet but I have samples up for my body butter. It's creamy, and moisturizing but soaks in fast without leaving your skin a greasy mess. I used aloe for it's soothing properties and pumpkin seed oil and shea butter to nourish skin. I have a bunch of different scents as well.

Sale on Lip Balms-
I made so many lip balms I'm having a sale on them. Coffee and Vanilla Mint lip balms are on sale 2 for $5 right now, you can mix and match the two as well. They are great for this winter air. I personally use this lip balm everyday, probably a little too much. :P

I hope you check it out! I also have a 10% off coupon code emailed to anyone who orders! Enjoy!

Stay Healthy,


Saturday, February 7, 2015

Tea Time Chit Chat! Best Tea Ever and Brand Update

Hello my dears, it's time for another tea time chit chat!
Just a little update and such.

Starting with my new Tea obsession- Teavana's Samurai Chai Tea! 
This stuff is amazing! It is so rich and spicey! I love it. I drink it with just some sugar in it, no milk. It doesn't have a very strong leafy taste, which is weird since it's a loose leaf tea. I had never been to Teavana before, and last weekend I went to the mall with Micah and the band guys and there was one there and I tried this tea outside and was blown away by it. Seriously the BEST tea I have ever had! I can't wait to try more.

New Supplies and Eco Makes Perfect update-
I've gotten some more oils lately for skincare making of course.
From Nature's Oil I got Pumpkin Seed Oil (which is very nourishing to the skin), Carrot Seed Oil (great for anti aging and scarring), and White Fir essential oil which I'm gonna be using for a mens cologne oil.
I got the pumpkin and carrot oils for a Brightening Serum I'm gonna be working on, not sure when that will be up because I have a loot more ingredients to get for that, but I'm so excited for that because I have so much scarring on my skin from my acne battles that take place on my face. :P And of course someone has to test it out first so I guess I'll take on for the team and try it out, oh darn. ;)

Are there any products that you would like to see me make for Eco Makes Perfect? I am in the process of working on soaps, bath melts, and body butters. And I can tell you the bath melts and butters will be out very soon. If you have any ideas at all please leave it in the comments on just message me on Etsy, or Twitter!

Etsy Shop  

Eco Makes Perfect Facebook

Friday, February 6, 2015

New Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum!

Hello my dear readers! So happy to do this post!
This is the announcement of the new Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum!!

Here is my summery of it-

This serum is great for dry, sensitive, or aging skin types. It can even help clear acne!
Rose and lavender oils work to sooth and calm irritated skin. Pumpkin oil nourishes skin, leaving a smooth, non greasy glow to the skin. Even if you have oily skin don't right this off just yet, using oils can balance your skins oil production
Lavender and rosemary essential oils are anti-bacterial making it great for acne skin.

I've personally been using this serum for weeks now and my skin loves it. It is so much more even, glowy, and CLEAR. I didn't think it could be done!

The sample size is $3 and the full size is $12! Be sure to check it out!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

January Favorites 2015

Hello my lovely readers! I hope you are all doing well! I'm finally doing another favorites today! I have a lot to share with you all, lots of makeup, skincare, and more!

Starting with skincare:
Eco Makes Perfect Rose Serum- This is one of my own products but trust me, I'd love this even if I didn't create it. It's a very light oil serum so it absorbs very quickly and I can use it during the day since it doesn't leave my skin oily at all. This very soothing to my skin, non irritating and anti inflammatory! Between this and the next product I have had very few break outs, and the ones I do get they heal so much faster before even surfacing! My skin has been more even and glowing! I can look back on older pictures or videos and really see a difference. Click here to purchase.

Eco Makes Perfect Nourish Cream- Seriously not trying to be self promoting I really I LOVE these products! I've been loving this face cream! It's not totally a cream, it is very gel like (I'm still experimenting with the formula so that could change) because of the aloe gel. At first it makes my face look very wet but then it soaks in shortly after and leaves my skin soft and moisturized. Like I said these 2 things have been totally healing my skin, making it glowy, clear, and more even! Oh and I still use this during the day a lot too, it's not too much for my skin at all, it loves it.

Rainwater Botanicals Eye Serum- I've never been one into eye creams and such but I ordered a sample of this and I'm so glad I did! It has a very light scent and doesn't irritate my eyes at all, It's very softening! I wanted a little extra something or my eyes cause I am very rough on them in the mornings.. Which I really need to stop. :P

Acure Day Cream- I actually found this at Target! They have gotten a lot more natural stuff so that's really nice.It's very softening and light, plus it smells like orange (I love citrus scents!! So uplifting and lovely!) I use the Mychelle SPF and it is VERY white so I mix this with it and it works perfectly! I like to use this at night sometimes too. If you can't tell I switch my skincare a lot

Eye Shadows:
Brija Allure- (This is the one in the bag) This is a great all over color, very natural. It's a beige pink shimmer color.
Brija Lila- I didn't think I was gonna like this but I love it! It's a gray purple shimmer color, but not too gray, it's gorgeous!
Earth Mineral Cosmetics Amethyst- I can't get over how pretty this is! It is so vibrant and sparkley!
The All Natural Face- Mermaids Choice (turquios), Mermaids Tail (light greenish blue), Warm Honey (warm brown), Plum Honey (a gorgeous plum).
 (First row) Brija Allure, Brija Lila, Earth Mineral Cosmetics Amethyst,
(Second row) Mermaids Choice, Mermaids Tail, Warm Honey, Plum Honey.
Aren't these just gorgeous!!

Zuzu Luxe Mascara- This isn't revolutionary or anything but it is nice! It doesn't flake at all! It lasts all day and stays on but it easy to take off.

So there is all my favorites! Thank you all for reading!

Stay Healthy,



Friday, January 30, 2015

Earth Mineral Cosmetics Review + Swatches

Hello readers! Thank you for stopping by!
Today I want to share with you the natural makeup brand Earth Mineral Cosmetics!
As you might know I have just done 2 Get Ready With Me's using products from this brand.
GRWM 1- Elsa Inspired Look
GRWM 2 Valentines Day Looks

So here are the products I got and my thoughts on them.
First I want to say that Cara (shop owner) is so sweet and the customer service is amazing! I was amazed at the kind service I got and how fast I got my products! 

Look how cute this was packaged!!
 Bathroom light.
(Natural light) For shadows I got are Peach, Smokey Eyes, Purple Crystal, and Amethyst.
I love these colors, the purples are so gorgeous! I'm a lover of purples already and these are some of the most beautiful purples I have seen! I really love the sparkle on these shadows, I am a sparkley eyeshadow lover and these are lovely!
I just apply these with my finger and dabbing them on my lids, it works fine for me and I don't have a lot of fall out. Very easy to use! 
The lasting power isn't great on my oily eyes but you know how that goes for me. (if you don't know I have the most oily eyes in the world so nothing lasts all day without being crease city up in there). But it doesn't stop me from using them! I'm sure they'd be fine on normal eyes. :P

I also got these tinted lip balms in Golden Pink and Dahlia Rose.
(For the swatch picture its rose, then pink).
I love these things! They are so moisturizing and smooth. I wear golden pink everyday at work, it's so easy to apply and keeps my lips soft and supple even in the cold winter air! I like this more than the Burts Bees tinted lip balms and that's saying a lot!
Overall I am very pleased with the service and the products! If I had to pick 2 favorites it would be Amethyst and Golden Pink lip balm. They are gorgeous! 

Be sure to check out Earth Mineral Cosmetics! Thank you all for reading!

Stay Healthy,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Earth Mineral Cosmetics- 2 Valentines Day Looks

Here is another look done with some products I got from Earth Mineral Cosmetics!
It's Valentines Day inspired, and a look done 2 ways. The first is a more natural look and the second is slightly more dramatic.
Here are the 2 main brands I used for this look-
Earth Mineral Cosmetics

  Look 1- Natural Girly Look.
This is great for an everyday look, or for going out.

 Products Used: 
Eyes- Brija Eye Primer
Brija Allure Shadow (lid)
Earth Mineral Cosmetics Peach (mid lid)
The All Natural Face Plum Honey (outer lid)
Pacifica Enlightened Palette- (used dark purple on outer lid to darken it up)
Pysicians Formula Eye Booster liner
ZuZu Lux Black Mascara

Eco Makes Perfect Coffee lipbalm
Earth Mineral Cosmetics Tinted lip balm (golden pink)
 And I highlighted with the lightest color from this Mineral Fusion trio. (I don't remember the name. I think its glamorous or stunning though)
 I love the combo of all of these shadows!

 Allure, Peach, Plum Honey, Pacifica Purple, Mineral Fusion highlight. Check out that sheen on Peach in the first picture! :O
 You'll see this purple in the second look (Brija Yvonne Lip Jelly). Earth Mineral Cosmetics Golden Pink

 Look 2!
More of a date night look but I still wore this to work so it can be everyday for sure, just a little more colorful.

All I did was add more of the dark purple Pacifica color to my outer corner, another coat of mascara, and added that Brija Lip Jelly to my lips and BOOM, there you have it! 
I love these looks so much! I feel like they have a flirty, romantic look to them. Great for Valentines day, a date night, or if you're just feeling girly!
Thanks so much for reading!

Stay Healthy,