Sunday, December 21, 2014

Natural Beauty Haul- RB, Sweet Creek, Brija & More

This did start out as a Black Friday Haul but the longer I put it off the more products I got, so now it's just an overall natural haul. In this post you'll see goodies from Rainwater Botanicals, Sweet Creek Soaps, Brija, Mineral Fusion, and Zuzu Luxe! Enjoy, and be sure to watch the matching video!

From Rainwater Botanicals I got all samples plus the Pumpkin Bath Soap.
For samples I got the Healing Herbs Moisturizer, Healing Waters Moisturizer, and the Olive & Rose Face Cream as well as the Eye Serum and Sea Buckthorn & Pomegranate. Which are all lovely! My top ones are the Healing Herbs, Olive & Rose, and the Eye Serum.

From Sweet Creek Herbal Care I got 3 seasonal lip balms- Santa's Helper, Caramel Nutmeg, and Maple Butter. And I got 5 bar samples (4 shampoo and 1 bar soap)

I got the Zuzu Luxe black mascara, and the Mineral Fusion trio.
From Brija I got the eyeshadow primer, samples of The Abbey and Alure, the Countess lipgloss and Yvonne jelly balm. Brianna was nice enough to give me a huge sample of Lila, which I ADORE! Thank you Brianna!

(Lila, The Abbey, Allure)
(I also got the Mineral Fusion Garnet Nail Polish from Whole Foods)

Countess, Yvonne

So sorry it took me so long to get this up! I hope you liked it!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

❆ Natural Winter Makeup- LOTD ❆

I thought I'd do a look of the day post since I haven't in....well let's just say I don't remember my last one. This is a pretty natural eye look with a nice berry lip color, it's fast, easy, and most importantly...NATURAL!

 Products I Used-
The All Natural Face Warm Honey Eyeshadow (outer lid)
Pacifica Enlightened Palette (lightest as a hightlight, peach color- inner lid, purple- liner)
Sweet Creek Herbal Lip Balm
Burts Bees Starry Night.