Friday, August 29, 2014

Andalou Naturals Lemon Cleanser

This is going to be a very short review because this is a great product and there's only so many ways to say that.

This is a beautiful creamy cleanser. It smells lemony and sweet, which is nice.
It's between a gel and a cream, a very nice texture. It feels nice and smooth when I'm washing my face with it. I haven't sen a huge difference in the brightness of my skin but it is more even and I feel like it is helping with ache scarring.
It doesn't take much either, I've had this for months and barely used half and I use it everyday, sometimes twice a day.
I've been very impressed with Andalou Naturals, I've recently purchased some more products from this line that just came in yesterday, so I'm excited to test those out. 
This cleanser might be a little too "harsh" for winter but summer it's great! 

Friday, August 22, 2014

Fall Is Coming...

We all know fall is getting close and I am SO excited for that! I've been looking forward to the fall drinks, clothing, and candles starting to come out! I mean who doesn't like a pumpkin spice lattes? I feel like with Fall coming some of my business and stress just float...or fall away. ;)

 My sexy sweat pants pose haha. All the clothes are from Target (surprise surprise). The pants were $14, the tank top (not new) is now $7, and the cardigan is $14 right now (on sale).
 And these shirts are on sale right now for $5 each. The sale is only till the 23rd this month.
 If you can't tell... I love this cardigan!
 And I got these new wax melts (or "melties" as I call them) from Kohls today! It smells like fall air, spices and a little sweet. AMAZING!!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Burts Bees Lip Haul!

At my Target there is a special going on that if you buy 2 Burts Bees lip products you get $5 back in Target gift card, so of course I had to take advantage of this deal. Here's what I got.

 Lip Crayon- Sedona Sands, Lip Shine- Blush, Lip Shimmer- Apricot

 (Natural light, same order as above)
 Sedona Sands

I love these so far! The lip crayon has a weird old-lady-lip-stick scent though which I'm not crazy about. The lip shine smells very swet and fruity, and the lip shimmer smells very minty which are both very pleasant. :)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Summer Mountain Trip!

Here are pictures from my trip from the other week, I went to stay with Micah and his family, his sister Leah got married that weekend so that was so exciting!

 Micah made this AMAZING gluten free blueberry pie! 

 Hannah (Micah's sister) did my hair and makeup this day.
 Hannah and I made coffee ice cubes. I'm not normally much on coffee but when I go there I have coffee almost every day, cause they always make it. I like it best ice with sugar and almond milk.

 Their little dog Sadie. :)

 You know how I love chickens!
 Crab apple tree.

 Leah (Micah's sister) and her new husband Zach! :D