Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Buchi! ♡

I have recently found Buchi Kombucha at my Whole Foods and honestly...It's the best Kombucha I've tried. It actually taste GOOD! The after taste isn't too strong either. They don't use any added sugars, but they are very sweet from fruit juices. If you're into super health drinks like I am you should try these out. I now get cravings for some Buchi haha.

Buchi Website- http://drinkbuchi.com/ 


Saturday, April 26, 2014

Trip To Micah's (Spring)

Hey there everyone! Last week I went up to the mountains to stay with my boyfriend Micah and his family for the week. Here are some pictures!

Chicken Salad! :)

 Cupcake making with Micah's sister Leah!

 This is my starbucks cupcake ;)

Monday, April 21, 2014

♡ GRWM- Natural Look + Beauty & Body Image ♡

These pictures are actually from a different day but essentially the same look as in the video.

TANF Eye Primer,
TANF Dark Brown Diva Stick for liner,
OhSudz Light Warm concealer under my eyes.

In the video I used the Alba Tangerine lip balm. But in the pictures I used my Burts Bees Pink Blossom tinted balm, both with Brija Painting Roses lip gloss.

In the video I talk a little bit about my opinion on what beauty really is and body image...
Beauty isn't makeup, or the clothes you wear. To me beauty is how you take care of yourself and your personality shining through and impacting others. It's being a kind and loving person. It's being a genuine and beautiful person in your heart.
I heard that it's either 40% or 60% of guys find women most attractive with less makeup....why? Because we don't need it. I love that Micah tells me I'm beautiful even when I have no makeup on, my hair isn't done, and I'm bumming in my pj's, But he still sees true beauty in me. <3
Makeup isn't beauty, sure we can use it to make the best of our beauty, but not to cover it up. 
I feel my best when I'm doing yoga or some kind of exercise or just eating healthy foods, because I know I'm taking care of myself. 
I know there's always something we can find to dislike about our bodies...for me it's my stomach.. It's not flat, and may never be flat, it may just be my body type. But even if I never have a flat stomach doesn't mean I'm not beautiful. And sometimes even if we do improve a part of our bodies, we still don't think it looks good enough, either we find something else to dislike or we obsess over one part not looking how we want and even if we do improve it we can't see past our insecurities to notice.... I know, I've been there.
I want you to watch this video.. I love what one of the girls say about looking yourself in the mirror and finding something that is beautiful everyday, I've done that and it first if you're really insecure it feels like you're fooling yourself...but then you'll start to believe it, you'll start to see your true beauty. Even if you don't think so...You have a beautiful body... and even if I don't think so sometimes... I have a beautiful body.

(Yes this is a post for a GRWM but note it's a very natural look, I'm not trying to change myself. And I could (and do) easily go without makeup often)


Friday, April 18, 2014

♡ A Few Empties ♡

 Of course I've used up more fruit snacks ;)
I tried a 22 bar, which was awesome and I wanna try more!
I finished the Skin Detox tea, it tasted nice and I think it id help add a nice glow to my skin! :)

Venus Embrace Razor- I realized I should switch to a natural razor so I threw this out. Here's my natural razor.
ELF Eye Primer- This was so old it was making my eyes burn and it's not natural.
Degree Deodorant- Again not natural, I'm scared to get breast cancer so this is going as well.
Devita SPF 30 Moisturizer- I loved this stuff and plan on getting it again.
Deep Steep Body Butter- Loved the brown sugar vanilla scent but it was very thick, which was great for my hands but it took a while to rub it into my arms and legs. I might try the lotion next.

And I finished a pen...yes, a pen. But it was mint scented and was the smoothest pen ever! haha

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Green Your Routine- Deodorant!

It has been (and still is) so hard to find a natural deodorant that actually works. Here are some I've tried over the past several months and how they worked for me.

Tom's- This does not work for me at all. It actually makes me smell worse on the days I use this. It seems like the Lavender scent especially makes me smell worse. Other scents such as Apricot and Lemongrass seem to work slightly better. But I'm still better off not using any at all. Plus it's extremely wet and takes a while to dry. Trying to re-apply doesn't work well, it mixes with the odor and makes it worse. $4

Rainwater Botanicals- I love this brand but this didn't work for me at all. Once again it made me smell worse at the end of the day (neither of these last even half a day). It's not wet at all but it's very thick and VERY chunky, so much so that it's very hard to use. $8

Jason- This is the newest out of the 3 and has been working much better so far. It still doesn't last all day on me, I have to re-apply 1 or 2 times on a work day but it still works well for me. The texture is great for me. It's smooth, not chunky and dries quickly on me. However this didn't work well for my sister so it might not be for everyone. Out of the 3, this keeps me smelling the least. 

Under arm tips-
1. Try to keep up with shaving, I find I stink less when there's no hair for the scent to linger in.
2. Along with that try to exfoliate often, keeping the skin renewed and fresh. For my under arms I don't like to use a lot of heavy things so a scrub with lemon, honey, and sugar works well for me.
3. Don't wear deodorant everyday if you don't have to, sometimes my under arms can get used to 1 deodorant, making it not work as affectively.

Friday, April 11, 2014

♡ Whole Foods Haul- Beauty & Food ♡

You know how I love Whole Foods, and I was there the other day to pick up some things for my trip to Micah's so I wanted to show you what I got.

 Acure lemongrass clarifying shampoo,
Acure lemongrass lotion- This is a repurchase for me. My 3rd bottle of Acure lotion and 2nd of this scent.
Deep Steep Grapefruit Bergamont body wash (are you seeing a citrus theme?)

 Jason Nourishing Apricot Deodorant- I love apricot scents and I needed a new deodorant since it seems I can't find one that works for me (Green your routine for deodorant is coming soon).
Alba Un-petroleum Tangerine Lip Balm- Yes, more citrus! This smells amazing at has spf 18, which is great scent citrus (and lavender) oil make your skin more susceptible to sunburn.

Just come bars to take with me.

I got me some more Buchi (whole post coming later)
and Mom got some Glutino pop tarts (which are all gone now) and they were amazing! Tastes just like a pop tart! Not healthy, but yummy!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

♡ Late March Favorites- Brija, Music, Days & More ♡

 Sorry it's so late but here's my March Favorites!

Brija- I love everything I got from Brija. The eyeshadows, cream eyeshadow, and lip gloss. Swatches here
OhSudz light warm conealer- this works great under my eyes.

I've become a little obsessed with fruit snacks from Target. They are so good!
Buchi- I just tried this from Whole Foods a couple weeks ago but I had to put it in here. It doesn't taste like normal Kombucha! Video and post coming soon!

Kingsfoil- Micah turned me on to this band a while ago and I'm loving their music, I really like Grapevine Valentine, Morning Dove, What Your Mother Taught You, Give It Up Now acoustic, and pretty much all of A Broken Heart is a Bleeding Heart- Listen here

Book- Shatter Me- I loved this book, it was such a fast read for me and I found the writing beautiful! 

Show- Vampire Diaries- I'm in mid season 4 now and it's crazy but I love it. It's addictive (just like fruit snacks) ;P

Pinterest-I specifically love looking at pictures of cute couples! I'm such a lover at heart. 

Favorite Days-
Just the other week when Micah was visiting we sat outside a couple of days and that was the funest time just cuddling outside with the guy I love. And it's free.
Another good day was going to see Divergent with Micah and my friend Amanda and we got tropical smoothie after! We were the only ones in the theatre so we were talking the whole time. Plus the weather was great that day.

What are your current favorites?

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Pictures (Spring 2014) With Micah #1

I just wanted to share some pictures I took when Micah was here last week <3

 This was a fun filled day. We went to see Divergent with a friend from work (Amanda), then we went to Tropical smoothie and later that day me and Micah went to the library, then to a little garden in my town, and then my youth group.

On the only day we weren't doing anything me and Micah had a picnic with some Chinese food. :)

 Micah, Brittany and I went out for Mexican food.

Here are my favorites...