Sunday, September 6, 2015

Living Every Moment ❤️

Hi everyone! I'm still alive!! I know it's been a couple of months, time passes so fast! Summer is pretty much over, how crazy is that! 
I wanna say that I haven't purposely neglected writing on here, you know how it gets, life happens! 
Nothing bad happened, I've just been living this summer to the fullest, with no regrets! And it's been great! I've reconnected with childhood friends, which has been amazing! Shout out to my girls!
I also just got back from the mountains this week! For those who don't know my boyfriend Micah and his family live up there! I always have so much fun there. I might have bought 8 books while I was there... :P But Micah got me really cute book ends that looks like an arrow for our four year anniversary! (It was August 27th!) So at least I have room for them! 
And speaking of books I'm actually trying to get a job at a book store! I'm still gonna be working at the movie theatre, I just have such a passion for books and honestly movie theatre pay isn't cutting it. But I could also do better at budgeting, if you have any money saving advice it is more than welcome in the comments! Plus I'm trying to save for a more reliable car than my moms old van, as much as I love it who knows how long it's gonna keep going! I'll probably just drive it till I can't anymore! As long as it gets me to work on time! 
So that's what's going on in my life right now! How was y'all's summer? Are you all excited for fall? It's my favorite season so you know I am!! ❤️🍂🍁
(Micah's gorgeous sister Hannah ^)