Saturday, January 23, 2016

Winter DIY's ✌️

So apparently this never posted, but here are some diys I did the other week! :) 

Okay so I'm sure most of you know here in Virginia we're in the middle of a big snow storm, so I've been stuck inside all day and to make the best of it I made some goodies!! 

I made some bath bombs, massage/exfoliating bars and a strawberry scrub! Lemme tell you that scrub smells like summer, which makes this snow storm even worse! 
Anyway here are the recipes I went off of:

Bath Bombs-   For mine I used oat milk as the liquid and added some oats to the bottom of the soap molds before putting the mixture in. 

Massage Bars- For mine I used steel cut oats and old fashioned oats as the exfoliators and didn't use as many so it wasn't all scrub. 

Strawberry Scrub-
1 cup of sugar
Almond oil- you can really do as much as you want but I used a couple of tablespoons to make it slightly runny. 
1-2 strawberries. 

I used a fork to mash up the strawberries and took out the big pieces. 
Then mixed everything together and stored it in the fridge since there is fresh fruit in it. 

And there you have it! What DIY's would to like to see? And what do you do on snow days? 

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