Thursday, January 21, 2016

2016/ Where I've been. ❤️

Hey! Do you remember me? 
I hope someone is still here. I know I was really in and out last year (mostly out), and then just stopped writing altogether. I'm sure you all know life gets crazy and sometimes it's nice just to enjoy life, which I totally agree with don't get me wrong. But I've missed writing for sure and I like sharing my life with all of y'all! 
How is 2016 so far? And what are your goals for the year if you have any? 
I'm really getting back into my natural living this year, making my own skincare and eating more clean. It's making me remember why I started in the first place! I'm also trying to live more minimally, so I'm trying to clean out a lot of clothes I don't wear or books I don't read, stuff like that. 
I have a ton of clothes on Poshmark and my name is taylornhastings if you wanna check it out! Don't worry this post isn't to get you to buy stuff from me! Haha
I'm sure like you guys I LOVE Pinterest! And I love that they have so many natural DIYs, so I have been doing so many I find on there and if you'd like I can post some on here for all of you! Making stuff at home is so much cheaper and healthier for you! Plus I'm trying to save money for a car so every little bit helps! 
Speaking of saving money I have a new job, and I'm loving it! I'm working at a bakery and it's so much more fun than I thought! I love what I'm doing and I love the people I'm working with. It's very relaxing and it's nice to do a job I really enjoy and can look forward to! 
Lastly I want to address my YouTube Chanel. I've been MIA from there as well and I'm actually not sure if I'll pick back up with that or not, it became something I didn't really want to do and felt more of an obligation than something I enjoyed. But I'll try my best to write a post at least twice a month but hopefully more! 

If you have any ideas please leave me a comment! And hit me up on Pinterest! It's TaysGreenLife. 

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