Wednesday, February 10, 2016

DIY Deodorant Fail.

Hello lovelies! Hope you're all doing well! 
So the other week I tried a couple of different deodorant recipes, and they started out well but then kinda stopped working, I'll explain more shortly. 

Now I love how this turned out, I used lemongrass and rosemary and it smelled lovely! Now this may be a little tmi but we all sweat so let's not make it taboo, I typically don't even use deodorant because even though I sweat I don't actually smell much. So for the first couple of days it worked well and I still smelled very fresh at the end of the day.. But then I started working out, and when I would use this is made me smell bad. I guess it didn't work with my sweat well. So I feel like this is fine when just chilling and not doing much, but if you wanna work out (and you should stay active when you can), better not use this. 

Now this one still doesn't work great for me but it does work for my sister! I've tried a few natural deodorant brands and once again I smell worse at the end of the day. That might be one of those things I can't find a natural version of , I'm currently using what my boyfriend uses- Degree Men, it's clear so there's no aluminum in it and there's actually not many ingredients, so I don't feel so bad using it. Why men's? #1 it was half the price of the women's line, you get more for the money and they didn't have any clear for women. Plus it doesn't sucks melting like my boyfriend! ;)

If I try out anymore I'll totally post about how it goes! Look out for a toothpaste post coming soon! :) 

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