Thursday, January 21, 2016

DIY LUSH Dream Cream! 😴❤️

Hey guys I've got an amazing face cream/lotion  for you today!! 

It's a dupe for the LUSH Dream Cream, now I haven't tried the lush cream so I don't know how it stacks up, but I love this stuff. I do use it as a face cream but also on my hands or anywhere that needs some love.  The dream cream is $28 for one pot, it's so much cheaper to make myself! It's based on a DIY I got from Pinterest but mine didn't turn out so great so I had to improvise a bit. The original recipe didn't call for any wax, which I was a little scared about since it didn't have anything to bind the water and oil together. And sure enough as it cooled it separated no matter how much I tried to beat it together. I only had beeswax and that did in a pinch for this.*
It also called for aloe which I didn't have but I think it would make addition, it's great for your skin! But it can be made without it. 

I made a very small amount so it doesn't go bad before I use it all, this is also great for your body and hands. 
Feel free to double this if you're gonna use it up. 

1 tps butter (cocoa, shea or avocado, I used cocoa)
1 tps oil blend (the original recipe called for olive but it's a little heavy so I used a mix of fractionated coconut oil, pumpkin seed and avocado oils). 
2 tps oat milk*
1 tps distilled water
1tps beeswax *
A few drops of essential oil of your choice, I used carrot seed, geranium, rosemary and lavender. 

(If you use lavender or citrus oil be sure to either use this at night or an SPF since they make your skin more sensitive to the sun.)

 *For the oat milk I used 1 cup of oats with 3 cups of water, blended it in the blender for a few minutes and used a strainer to get all the oats out. I would do this before everything else so it's ready when you need it. It'll need to be heating before its mixed in with everything else. 

*i didn't have any emulsifying wax so I used beeswax to try to save my cream and it seemed to work okay, but if the cream gets to cold it separates , so I had to re blend it and it seems okay for now.   I'm gonna try to find a way to make this without any water and still have it be thin enough. I'll totally post that when I make it! But for now this is what I did. 

Make sure you have a hand mixer ready for when you need it. And your oat milk is heated some. Not hotter than your oil and butter mix though, but we'll get there. 

1. In a heat safe bowl place over a small pot of water and heat between low and medium heat. 
2. Place the oil, butter and beeswax in the bowl, stirring occasionally until everything is melted. 
3. Turn off the heat and remove the bowl from the pot and use the hand mixer to blend everything together. (If things harden faster then you'd like you can always melt it back down. )
4. Slowly add the distilled water to the mix, very slowly to make sure it blends smoothly. 
5. Make sure the oat milk is warm, so it doesn't shock your oil mix and do the same thing with the oat milk as you did the water, slowly add it in and beat the crap out of it, just to be safe I beat it for at least 5 minutes, it might look a little thin at first but as it cools it'll thicken, if you're worried about it separating like I was feel free to whip it up more as it cools. But since the beeswax is in there it should be fine. :)

It might sound a little scary but it's really not that bad, just don't skip the beeswax and you'll be fine! 

Let me know if you try this and what you think!! But if you don't want to make it yourself you can totally buy it from me for  $5! If you're interested in that email me at :) 

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